Sunday, December 11, 2011

Comparison of Motor Sport 250 CC

hay friend otoMan, this time we will discuss the comparison class 250 cc motorcycle,
Motorists Indonesia, now spoiled for choice of 250cc racing sport. Especially, sports sporty 250cc which brought the genre. Yes, like the iron horse races berfairing racing in MotoGP. Both Kawasaki and Minerva, now no longer fighting alone. Because, Honda venturing into this quarter-liter motor.

For enthusiasts of sporty flow, of the three could be an option. Represented Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Then, Minerva comes with a choice of 250 Megelli RE and RV. 're Honda, Honda CBR 250R comes with a standard type and the C-ABS.

Talking about the price range, the difference of the three not far adrift. After all, the price given many advantages gained even shortages. For example, the Ninja 250R is released on the market at price of USD 46.75 million. Then, type RE 250 Megelli offered USD 32.1 million. Megelli type of RV 250 is higher, ie, USD 35.1 million. Honda CBR 250R standard, removable USD 39.9 million. For the CBR 250R type C-ABS, USD 46.5 million.

From that price, would want to know what is available and not?

Handling provided the three, it is definitely the style duck. But, how far your upper body must crouch to reach out and control the handlebars? Minerva, have dimensions LxWxH (Length X Width X Height), 1990 X 780 X 1060 mm. Then Ninja, comes with dimensions of 2080 X 715 X 1.115mm. While the CBR, 2.03a5 X 720 X 1.125mm.

Indeed, the specifications given by the three dimensions are not far adrift. But, when disemplak for long trips. CBR 250R riding more comfortable. With a body of 178cm / 63kg, excess body does not feel sore. Ninja 250R is also more upright in his seat, stronger rider durable. Minerva is more bent.

Talk maneuver, CBR and Megelli bit more agile. Wheelbase 1390 mm ??(Ninja) 1370 mm (CBR) and 1,350 mm (Megelli), so less nimble Ninja! Understandably, weighs heavier. Namely, 169 kg. The difference of 4 kg than competitors

This is it! Acceleration is a consideration for those who choose 250cc racing sport. About the ability to run on the road, all three of indulgence power above 20 hp engine. Kawasaki Ninja 250 is supported by two-cylinder engine type, have the highest power than the two competitors. Namely, 31.3 dk/11.000 rpm.

Honda CBR 250, though not diumbar maximum amount of power and torque, but peak speeds could be up to 164 km / hour. Moderate Megelli, under Ninja and Honda. Only about 155 km / hour.

Talk acceleration 0-60 km / h, Ninja and CBR fight close enough. Ninja, 3.26 seconds. CBR 3.30 seconds. Moderate Megelli, 3.5 seconds. Distance of 000-100 meters, Ninja played in 6.34 seconds. CBR, 6.54 seconds. Megelli, 6.8 seconds. Want to know the bore x stroke (piston diameter piston x step) then? CBR, 76X55 mm. Ninja, 62X41, 2 mm. Megelli, 77X53, 6 mm. Everything, has 6 levels of acceleration.

Comparison of compression in the top 10: 1, the race would be better off downing 92-octane gasoline. Engine performance to be perfect. Among the three variants, only the Honda CBR 250R only the adoption of fuel injection systems. Moderate Ninja and Megelli carburetor applications. Like the Ninja who rely on two Keihin CVR 30 for the supply of each cylinder.

Thus, it is not wrong if CBR relatively more efficient than both. Motor no pitch go from Honda was able to travel a distance of 32 km for every liter of gasoline spent. So, no matter the fuel tank is small. Yep, only 13 liters doang tuh! 'm Ninja, was quite thirsty.

Because for one liter, only able to inter-mate ran 25 miles alone. Perhaps because of the high compression is also yes. Ie. 11.6: 1. And, need for higher rpm to achieve maximum power and torque. Moderate Megelli, playing at a distance of 28 km for one liter of gasoline spent.

Do not buy anything it's just not why. Origin, race seksn alias when buying second son of secondhand, can be fresh and ready to use. Although the lifetime is three years, "Replacement parts, depending on usage. Most only a fast moving, "said Reiner M. Sitorus, Senior Manager of Technical Service Division of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia.

But, from the third race, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R is more easily found in secondhand motorcycle showroom. Ninja 250R on the market second hand motorcycles, sold in the range of USD 40.5 million. "That's for 2009 Ninja output yes," said Blake of Star Motors, showrooms Motkas in Tangerang, Tangerang.

Medium output Ninja 2010, Rp 42 million. About the color, baseball influence the price really. Want it black, green, white or red. "Purchasing, may credit or cash. But definitely if credit, wear rates and insurance, "added Rina said as she could sell 3-5 per month Ninja 250 resale units.

Talk feature, all three have the engine cooling fluid type. Namely, the circulation of coolant in the radiator and water jacket which he said could help cool the engine temperature. In fact, baseball needs to worry more. Having been equipped with extra fan when the engine reaches a certain temperature.

Similarly, from the design of the speedometer. Not the overall design of the body yes. If the body does, depending on the tastes of each buddy. Well, maybe not all love the designs offered Ninja. But, more select CBR or Megelli. Or, quite the opposite. Somewhat prefer a stretcher design, aka sharp sharp!

Talk about the speedometer, only Ninja who is still an analog model for the overall application of indicators. For CBR, has been the application of digital models for a number of speed. Moderate alias rpm engine speed indicator still rely on analog. Begitunya, tuh indiglow supported model. Megelli Likewise, use Koso speedometer indicator, rpm still use analog. But, in the type of RV, through Koso RX2N indiglow also bring color to a blue screen.

Oh yes! Rear suspension, all have applications monosok system. But, in Megelli RV, upside down front suspension offer. Being the type of RE, telescopic still yes. Create a rate freeze part race Ninja, CBR and Megelli have applications in the back of the disc type. Night driving illumination, the third motor is quite capable. Ninja application of two lights. 're The CBR though one bulb, remains bright. Moderate Megelli type RV, powered projector model.

The availability of fast moving quite important to support the owner's convenience. Especially, when made ??pet wear parts. Thus, the producer or manufacturer must support the existence part.

Here it is a reference to fast moving part. Starting from the Honda first. Honda's application of fuel type injection system. Fuel pump prices, USD 2.041 million. Piston, Rp 269 thousand. Piston ring, Rp 94 thousand. Gas Cable, Rp 77 thousand. Exhaust gasket, Rp 77 thousand. Clutch cable, Rp 44 thousand. Front gear (14 eyes), Rp 63 thousand. Rear gear (38 eyes), Rp 230 thousand. Chain, Rp 600 thousand. Bulb headlights, Rp 330 thousand. Taillight bulb, Rp 37 thousand. Gaskets right block, Rp 25 thousand.

Turning to his Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Kawasaki has a two-cylinder engine. That means, there are two pistons that work. One piston, Rp 245 thousand. Moderate piston ring, Rp 220 thousand. Front brake, Rp 205 thousand. Rear brake, Rp 205 thousand. Bulb headlights, Rp 360 thousand (units). Taillight bulb, Rp 35 thousand. Chain, Rp 1.15 million. Front gear, Rp 260 thousand. Rear gear, Rp 140 thousand. Canvass couplings, USD 80 thousand (units). Air filters, Rp 37 thousand.

Finally, Megelli 250. Rear brake, Rp 88 thousand. Front brake, 33 thousand. Piston ring 121 thousand. Piston, Rp 107,800. Piston pin, Rp 15,400. Air filters, Rp 27.500, cable gas, Rp 17,600. Canvass couplings, USD 99 thousand. Clutch cable, Rp 17,600. Front gear, Rp 52,140. Rear gear, Rp 112,200. Chain, Rp 132 thousand. Bulb headlights, Rp 39,270

>>ok so first discussion for this time, hopefully it can be useful info ^ _ ^ do not forget the contents of the chatbox, like FB fan page and his comments (otoMan)


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